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White Christmas Is Forever

Help! Ibinabo’s Christmas In Jeopardy.

Ibinabo loves Christmas more than everyone in the world. She dreams about it all the time everywhere she goes. Or so she thinks. Do you want to know why? She was born on Christmas day.

Interestingly, some strange events around Christmas have started to take the fun away in recent years – really unfortunate stuff.

This year, however, Ibinabo is determined to make sure that nothing spoils her Christmas groove. Please, could you follow her story and see how you can help Ibinabo save her Christmas.

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As a kid, storytelling was one thing I found irresistible. I would sit at my mother’s feet listening to all kinds of exciting stories, ranging from family history to folklore. Storytelling is a family tradition that most kids enjoy – adults too. After all, women gossip- and men too. Almost every grown-up was good at telling stories. My cousin, Godwin Governor, was an interesting one. My father was a fabulous and humorous one who could make you laugh until your jaws ache.

But there was something about my mother’s stories that I didn’t seem to decipher. They made me think about life so that as I write now, many of the stories replay in my mind. They appear so natural that I seem to live with the characters; eat, laugh, sorrow, play and do all kinds of things they do, so that even when the stories ended with Mum’s moral lessons, they began with my ethical living. Due to the impression the stories had on me, I decided to be a replica storyteller because I seemed to learn better with storytelling. And now I have a story to tell. I will try hard to carry you along as my mother did – my father too.

Carrier of the Goatskin


In this tale set in the 1950s, young Africans align with unseen forces to save the world from extinction despite their handicaps and limitations.

Mario of Spectacular Realm comes to the earth’s rescue when evil forces threaten its existence. With time running out, he and his lover, Antonietta, look unto unlikely allies in Okpe land at the heart of West Africa.

Ede, a young Okpe teacher, returns from London with a burning desire to educate the people but meets an unprecedented challenge. Will commitment and sacrifice be enough to save us all?

Meet The Author

I am a professional writer, editor, and educator. I write mainly fiction and children books. Recently, I have worked towards adapting my stories to comics for leisurely read and entertainment. As well as fiction, I also write non-fiction on subjects including politics, relationships, motivation, business growth, personal development, etc. Furthermore, I train writers and communication enthusiasts. When I am not writing, I develop websites and study various subjects to understand my world better.


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Reading your stories brings sunshine to my days. Your use of suspense keeps me wanting more. I recommend your books highly.

– Richard Denver

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