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In this short Nigerian Movie, Edesiri’s search for true love opens the door for a food delivery driver with the hope of happily forever after. This Nollywood African movie series attempts to answer several interesting questions about love. They are:

1. Is it possible for someone to be good at other areas but bad at love?
2. Is true love real?
3. is it healthy to remain friendly with your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend?
4. Is there hope of a good relationship between people who broke their engagement and moved on with other people?

There are many more questions. Feel free to drop a comment with the answers to these questions.

You are also welcome to add to the list of love questions.

Edesiri, Bad At Love is the beginning of stories that we hope will be very long and answer questions based on data gathered from diverse audiences and subject matter experts on love, marriage, relationship, and happiness.

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Script by Stan Broderick’E
Director by Rolland Elu
Produced by Tessy Mukoro Daniels and Stan Broderick’E