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By Stan Broderick’E

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6 Tips to Creating a Compelling Story

You want to narrate a compelling story that will hold your audience captive, not teach them English or literature. So don’t allow the technical jargon to distract you. It is the trap many students of literature and would-be fiction writer must avoid.

While many English students and teachers are excellent reviewers and critics of literary works, I found out that they have not written a book or a story. However, it is not an irony because they are trained to teach from literary works and not to write one.

However, the point here is what a professor of English told me years ago. He said many literature teachers are so conscious of figurative expression and techniques of writing that they never dare to write one. Some feel dissatisfied with their work because they weigh it against ALL the methods and principles in the book. He, however, has a large body of work because he was aware of that trap and beat it.

So whether you are a teacher or student of English, first narrate your story to completion; you can deal with the technicality later.

To be continued …