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Help! Ibinabo’s Christmas In Jeopardy.

Ibinabo loves Christmas more than everyone in the world. She dreams about it all the time everywhere she goes. Or so she thinks. Do you want to know why? She was born on Christmas day. Interestingly, some strange events around Christmas have started to take the fun away in recent years – really unfortunate stuff.

This year, however, Ibinabo is determined to make sure that nothing spoils her Christmas groove. Please, could you follow her story and see how you can help Ibinabo save her Christmas.

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Why is Christmas forever? The answer will guard Ibinabo through life. Follow her in “Why Christmas is Forever” as she struggles emotionally to deal with her new normal, knowing that while some things may become extinct in our lives, others will endure for ONE reason. This comic by Stan Broderick’E will entertain, educate, and simply put, strengthen you to cope with uncertainties and tough times. Stan Broderick’E adapts his stories to comics because they are easier to read; they show and not just tell; they educate in a less intimidating fashion and are beautiful.